Each of the following craft workshops can be taken individually. Also, several parallel workshops can be booked on the same day, or over a number of days. In all workshops pupils actively get to know the basic principles and development of a craft.

Paper workshops

Paper making
In our paper making workshop children create paper from scratch, using a wide variety of elements. Watermarks, plants, confetti, fragrant spices can all be integrated into the handmade paper.
preschool and older

Paper-mache sculpture
Work together as a group or design your own individual paper-mache sculpture using recycled paper, textured paper, wrapping paper or magazine images. Please wear old clothes.
preschool and older

Media workshops

In our printing workshop pupils make a typographical design for their texts, then set and print it, using traditional printing methods.
Preschool and older

This workshop focuses on editing and designing texts and images using computer graphic programs. Depending on the subject, digital camera and photo manipulating programs are implemented. The results are printed and burned onto a CD to take home.
3. grade level and up

Theater & Music workshops

Get in the act!
The Old Country Store and the traditional kitchen invite kids to role play. Dress up and step into the shoes of merchants, salesmen or cashiers in our old-fashioned grocery store. Learn about and test the functions of kitchen appliances used by your great-grandparents.
1. grade level and up

Hearing noises, sounds, tones and experiencing music are the focus of this workshop. Easy to make rhythm instruments are crafted and tried out. The group develops a short story accompanied by music and records it to take home.
1. grade level and up

Design workshops

Jewelry workshop
Feather and bead creations can be crafted in our jewelry workshop, either as gifts for friends and family or simply as a pretty decoration for their makers.
1. grade level and up

Felt making
Making felt is a popular ancient technique: many different cultures used it to produce a textile fabric without having to know how to knit, crochet or weave. Colorful wool, water and soap are used to create small accessories to take home and decorate one’s outfit.
2. grade level and up

Textil design
A do-it-yourself workshop, using wool, fabric or recycling materials to create fantastic accessories, broaches or bags. Different handicrafts techniques are learned and can be tried out to achieve the best results for each participant.
4. grade level and up

Art workshops

Paint with acrylics on an easel and mix to find the right hue on the palette, using only the primary colors. Subjects can be chosen in advance, e.g. still life, portrait, landscape or abstract images.
3. grade level and up

Collage and assemblage
Small groups each create a three-dimensional painting using acrylic paints, paper, fabric or other small objects. Instead of brushes, everyday objects and unusual painting utensils are also used to obtain unique structures.
4. grade level and up

Learn how to capture objects on paper with lines and strokes of pencils, charcoal or ink in this workshop. A choice of different materials and techniques helps each participant find his or her own form of graphic expression.
4. grade level and up

Group size: max. 10 children
Fee: 60,-- Euro per workshop
private groups: 120,-- Euro per workshop, 3 hrs
Information and booking: 069-212-35154 (Mon-Thu 10 a.m.-3.30 p.m.)

Project-days / Project-weeks

Why not let us help you and your class or children's group develop a project-week at the museum! We can assist you with the organization and are open to individual wishes. Call early in order to allow time for preparation arrangements and to assure consecutive project days for you and your class!

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