Set Signs & Leave Marks!
All about writing, printing, poetry

Workshop exhibition for children and families age 7 and up

Our new exhibit carries the visitor away into the wide world of letters and the written word. Explore cool types, heavy letters, visual poems, pointed pens, sound poetry, secret signs, typo film and more in our six different workshop areas.

With original objects we illustrate Frankfurt’s history as a city of printers and publishers. This traditional craft which once revolutionized written communication can be experienced hands-on in our printing workshop. Try out manual typesetting and learn about the printing process, or test your poetic abilities and calligraphic talents in the writing room. Try your hand at typography design or set types in motion using modern technology at the stop-trick motion station. Get inspired by the movies you can watch in the typo-cinema. Secret codes and messages await deciphering and foreign letter systems are investigated in the sign workshop. Our letter-building construction site is also looking for workers to create extravagant, three-dimensional letter sculptures.

Come and discover the many playful aspects of letters, language and the written word at the Frankfurt Children’s Museum!  Bring your puns, pens or poems:  Set a sign and leave your mark!

children's museum frankfurt
An der Hauptwache 15 - Mezzanine
60313 Frankfurt

Admission: Adults 4 € /reduced: 2 €
Free admission for children under 18
Groups by prior notification only!

Opening hours:
Mon: 10 am- 6 pm - only during school holidays!
Tue- Sun: 10 am- 6 pm

Information and booking
069-212-35154 (Mon-Thu 10 a.m.-3.30 p.m.)







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